[FIXED] HTML tile is uneditable in some cases

Next… I’m curious whether there may come a time when we can “turn off” the top/bottom padding exhibited by HTML (and all?) Tiles, as shown here:

It’d be sweet to be able to force an image to span the entire Tile area. Granted, that would introduce another issue: Nowhere to click in Edit mode to cause the Move/Resize flyout to pop-up, lol.

There is no padding with HTML tiles - it is just sitting centre to the tile space available. If the image was perfectly square, it should fill the entire space

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Confirmed, as shown:

however, my prediction turned out to be true. Such an HTML tile – fully occupied by a square image (which, in order to achieve, required 0 for all four corner radii, and no border – immediately becomes uneditable.

That is to say, there’s nowhere left to click. Not even sure I can Delete this one, lol! Houston, we have a slight problem.

That sir, is a bug, and shall be dealt with accordingly

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Fixed in the next release.

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