[FIXED] Local Vs Cloud not switching automatically

I’m sure this is covered somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Will the app/dashboard automatically switch between local and cloud access? If I’m on my local network I assume it doesn’t use cloud connection???

Ok, I have determined it will work both ways. I guess what is happening is it doesn’t want to change over automatically. I have to go to the menu, hit the hub icon to disconnect and then re-connect to get it to switch. Is this normal behavior?

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Yep, this is a bug that’s been fixed and will be in the next release due sometime soon… probably in the next 24 hours.

Thanks for mentioning it - I’m going to move this topic to bugs and update the title.

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After the latest update here is what I found.

App on local network, working ok.
Leave local network app changes to cloud, working ok.
Come back to local network app stays on cloud until close app, swipe off and reopen.

Using Iphone.

Just now trying out app mainly to make things easier for the wife. So just my observations so far.

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That is correct. The app currently doesn’t have local wifi detection for the local hub, so for now, that behavior is by-design. I need to add local network polling in the background so that it knows that it can switch back to local network connection. This polling would be probably every 5 seconds (or so) when the app is running. It would look to see if it can re-connect back to your 192.168.x.x address as defined for local, and if available, and the device is a HE hub running MakerAPI, and your accessToken works, then it can be safe to assume the connection can switch.

Note the reason for this complexity is that if you went to your friends place, and they had a similar wifi network that your phone connects to, and a HE hub, and running MakerAPI, it would need to check all these things before giving up on Cloud connection and switching to local. Yeah??? So its not as easy as it looks. :stuck_out_tongue: