[FIXED] Menu Resetting to default menu often

I noticed today actually that every 5 minutes or so the menu keeps resetting to the default menu, even if I am sitting on a different one. It is distracting.

Do you perchance mean the UI keeps switching to the “main” (default) Dash screen/tab? Because I’ve noticed that happening far more often than I’d like, and I was waiting to see if I was alone in this observation.

(Mostly happens after I click the “Refresh” button in the bottom bar)

Yes, exactly that. I know hubivue refreshes from the server periodically but I don’t want the menu resetting everytime, or ever. I am sure Grant will sort it

Yep, looking at it now… :grinning:

If it helps , it only seems to do it if connecting remotely. I have a menu that has been open all day on my local system, it is still on the menu I left it on

I would add to that, that the symptoms also seem to accompany re-connecting with the hub, if I’ve gotten a “Hub Disconnected” message. Both local (Win app) and remote (Android) connections, IIRC.


Folks - have tracked it down to being a specific sequence of events. Fixed in the next release.