[FIXED] No "Resize" option on Tile Edit menu despite room to grow

After intentionally moving a (Label) Tile left one space on the grid, to leave room for it to grow rightward, I notice there is no “Resize” option. I’d expect that if the Tile were “landlocked” (butted up against other Tiles both to the right and below), but that’s clearly not the case here.

Double-checked that I had saved the Dashboard following Tile moves, but that did not cause the “Resize” option to appear.

NOTE: Moving same Tile down to (otherwise unoccupied) Row 3 brought its “Resize” option back to life. Furthermore, it remained available after widening it to 1x2 then dragging the Tile back up to R1C1 or R1C2.

Bug? “Me” problem?

Sounds buggy to me - but will need to verify

Easy to replicate, I later found, by moving Tile to any cramped area where it should lose “Resize”, then won’t regain it after being moved (on same row) to uncramped spot. But moving to any other open row it’s fine again.

I cannot replicate this. Can you be more specific about the scenario that you can repeat and prove that the bug exists. When I simply move tiles into and out of restricted spaces, they always show/hide the Resize as expected.

Try this sequence (which started with the LABEL Tile being a 3-col/1-row rectangle but otherwise positioned as shown):

I would have expected to see RESIZE in first and final steps. No?

And yet it magically reappears moments later if I scoot the Tile right one space:

Still cannot replicate. Is there anything special about that tile? Also, can you repeat this on another dashboard doing similar steps? I’ve tried several and cannot see any case where the Resize isn’t showing when it should - seems to be operating correctly for me. So unsure how to debug this bug :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder what we’re doing differently. Tested yesterday and again just now on Android, and it behaves the same way (predictably erratically):

Beyond that, I’m just using a modified version of Vista, and mostly testing with a LABEL Tile, with nothing special going on. Sent you Debugs earlier in case any particulars show up there.

Can you try a fresh dashboard and with new tiles? Just to humour me about what could be localised about your dashboard that is confusing the app

FYI - it rarely makes any difference what platform you are testing on. So switching between them doesn’t really help as the entire code base of the app is shared across all platforms, so a bug on 1, is 99% of time the same on all of them.

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Good to know. By the way, am now actively testing new Dash (shown), using default Sunshine theme, and notice a different issue cropping up, namely the fly out menu sometimes appearing off screen:

Adding a 5th column helped me out of that jam briefly. But going back to 4C grid for testing caused issue to return.

Sorry for distraction… But this is somewhat of a showstopper because even in 5C, a large tile can become impossible to Move out Resize owing to sporadic off-screen menu.

Stayed in 5C and kept tiles manageable size so as not to confound testing.

Cannot replicate (yet) even under modified theme.

Can you email yourself the config and email that to me pls?? I think the bug must be in your dashboard and I’m guessing it has to do with Alias’ and potentially a lost link to the original tile… but that’s just a guess.

Yep, I’m aware of that bug and have it on the hit list already. Found that one myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed in release v1.3.3 !!

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