[FIXED] Rotate on phone, not working

When I turn my phone to landscape, the app switches fairly rapidly between landscape and portrait, repeatedly until I turn the phone back. Portrait mode is fine.

What phone - specific model? Orientation is blocked/disabled on phones. All phones I have access to it won’t rotate.

ha, so I am not supposed to rotate it? Anyway it is a Moto-G

Hahaha… bloody Android phones. Nothing works consistently on that platform - every phone is slightly different and quirks are everywhere LOL :laughing:

True that but I hate super proprietary platforms :slight_smile:

Ah, I’ve got @g.slender figured out. First it was “buy a mac” now it’s “bloody Android phones”. I’d point out how it’s those Windows and Android folks who make the best beta testers and also it’s those folks who are more willing to try something new like hubiVue. Try to get an Apple person to leave the well worn and Apple chartered path Jobs (you’re holding it the wrong way) and Co set down for them.


I’ve been found out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d go back to windows phone in a heartbeat if I could!

Seriously? That is the worst phone I have ever seen. I developed an app on it for work like 5-6 years ago.

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Hey @TimB - can you be more specific about the phone details? Moto G has dozens of models and specifications. I can’t replicate this issue, so without more details about the device, I can’t replicate and/or fix the issue.

e.g. All Motorola phones

I think I figured out what might be happening, but the phone specifics would be good to confirm so I can close this out as a bug that is fixed.

i never really minded the “APP GAP”, preferred Windows Phone 8 to Windows Mobile. When they killed off the hubs and a lot of the live tiles it really messed the OS up. But, to me it was the most intuitive system. I cant stand stock android or Samsung’s launcher. I use Niagara launcher. Very simplistic.

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It is a MOto G Stylus

Have a fix for this issue. Thanks for raising it - I would not have found it otherwise. G

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