[FIXED] "Search" bar doesn't seem to do anything [Web], vacates Grid [Fire]

Whilst fiddling with the Max Window / Tablet / Mobile viewport settings, I took a moment in each view to attempt to “SEARCH” for a Tile. Clicking the magnifying glass indeed activates a text field along the bottom edge, where I can type a search term, e.g. “Dining” (w/o quotes):

…yet hitting Enter thereafter doesn’t seem to “do” anything. I can’t see any drop-down feature (for picking from), and though I know there’s a matching Device (“Dining Room Light”) somewhere, no visual indicator manifests.

Is this feature implemented? Or have I stumbled upon yet another active/working feature that doesn’t like living in the Web browser regime?

(Good news: I"m nearly done thrashing about in the Web designer, with the intention of moving on to the Windows-specific app.)

BONUS INFO: Ever curious, I hopped on over to the Fire app, refreshed my Default page, and clicked the Magnifying Glass to instantiate Search. Typed in “T - H - E - R - M” (in lowercase; I’m just being dramatic) and thought nothing was happening… then realized a realtime filter was being applied, as non-matching items vanished. Now, here comes the unexpected behaviour:

…instead of conjuring up the only matching tile (name: “The Thermostat”), I was shown a “blank” Grid, as shown.

I notice that “Search” then auto-hides after a few seconds of disuse; this screenshot was taken just a bit after that happened. Clicking the “Left Triangle” (bottom-left) control button returned me to the fully populated Grid, and all is well.

You sir, have found a bug!

Seems to be a regression, as it was working in previous versions. Will review the version control and hopefully figure where it was broken.

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Found the naughty bit of code that was causing this - to be fair, I made a “performance change” that improved things so much that it stopped it from working :rofl: :rofl:

Fixed in the next release.

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