[FIXED] Tabbar issues


When I go into Settings in the WinApp (1.6.x) and click “TabBar Settings” followed by “Vertical” ( the radio button shown at bottom here)

the Tab bar completely disappears from view!

When I revisit these settings, I find the “Show Bottom TabBar” toggle has been switched to the Off position. I must then turn it back on, whereupon the “Horizontal” radio button (default) appears selected.

Round and round I go. Bug?

I cannot reproduce. Can you confirm with a test account or maybe outline more specifically what you might have done that is unique to your situation.

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I went right back to try replicating, and could not for some reason.

But I do notice a few oddities, such as:



Maybe I’m not sure what the control is supposed to do, either.
UPDATE: Oh, wait, I get it… “Vertical” sends the icon above the text. Duh!

I’ll keep poking.

OK, caught it in action once more, and managed to take a screenshot for you… it’ll have to wait until morning for me to retrace my mouse clicks:

I’m intrigued, but still unable to replicate - so you’re probably doing something different than normal

Next morning, having left the PC on to resume testing, I merely clicked the Toggle to Off and then On, whereupon I noticed it remained set to “Vertical” but the TabBar came back as “Horizontal”, as so…

And when I clicked “Horizontal”, the TabBar went away completely. So, there’s something the program isn’t checking/honoring.

Will test fresh from scratch again, noting steps.

CONCLUSIVE FINDINGS (see end of post)

  1. Launch WinApp 1.6.x (TabBar visible and Horizontal)
  2. Test ► Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > Vertical ► OK (click dash to dismiss Menu)
  3. Test ► Menu > Edit Dash Mode. Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > Horizontal ► OK (dismiss)
  4. Test ► click “Eye” (no line) > Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > Toggle Off/On ► Minor FAIL (TabBar displays Horizontal but “Vertical” radio button now selected) (dismiss)
  5. Note that #4 is highly repeatable!
  6. Close webapp.
  7. Launch WinApp > Menu > Edit Dash Mode > click Eye (line)
  8. Test ► Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > click Vertical > Toggle Off/On ► Minor FAIL (same as #4)
  9. Back out of TabBar Settings > click TabBar Settings > Note that “Horizontal” radio button now selected.
  10. (dismiss back to Dash) > click Eye (no line) > Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > click “Vertical” > Toggle Off/On ► Major FAIL (TabBar now missing from Dash).
  11. Toggle Off/On (TabBar reappears, but in H mode while V shows selected) [repeatable]
  12. While TabBar visible, click “Horizontal” > TabBar disappears from Dash.
  13. Return to Dash. Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > Note that Toggle appears in Off position.
  14. Toggle to On. TabBar appears on Dash. Click other radio button (H if V; V if H). TabBar disappears. [repeatable!]
  15. BONUS: Click alternately on “Horizontal” then “Vertical” and repeat. Bottom TabBar never returns. (dismiss)


  • Does not appears to matter which Mode (Edit/View) test commences from.
  • Key to repeatability is leaving TabBar Settings once issue occurs.
  • The magic sauce is Step #13 (i.e. at least once backing out of Settings while Toggle set Off).

Launch WinApp
Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > Toggle to “Off”
Back out to Dash.
Menu > Settings > TabBar Settings > Toggle to “On” > click the currently de-selected “Label Direction”

NOTE: Please rename this setting “Icon Placement” (to avoid confusion with spreadsheet “Orientation” options).

Not to sound stupid (I know, I do a lot), and I’m not in a position to check, but what does this mean? I’ve never seen an option “eye”?

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I didn’t know what else to call…

ahhh. ok. that makes sense.

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thanks. was a bug and its fixed due to be put into 1.6.1

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