[FIXED] Tapping color temp wheel sets wrong color [Win app]

Here’s an oddity for you: When I long-press an RGB bulb tile to bring up its color/brightness specs, and tap the color wheel in the position shown, instead of “Green” the bulb gets set to “Red”.

Try yours and see what happens… While dragging the circular color picker around does select the expected color with precision, clicking the mouse in specific spots (e.g. in the “Blue” quadrant) yields unpredictable and seemingly unrelated results.


  • Further testing suggests that the app is introducing a " left offset" between where I’m clicking the mouse pointer versus color wheel coordinates. For example, if I deliberately click a wheel’s-width to the right of the color palette – parallel with its equator – I can make the picker land right in the wheel’s center. This unexpected behavior is consistent.
  • Managed to catch it happening, so take a look:
    Color Picker Offset

What platform is this all captured on??

The windows app running under Windows 10 on an HP PC.

I can’t replicate on an iPhone, but will soon try to on macOS - me thinks it may be a desktop thing.

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Just for reference, same exact effect occurs in the Web editor (in Chrome latest).

Bug was found and squashed. Will be in v1.4

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