[FIXED] Temp unit descriptor not accurate

I’m still seeing C for temp even though I’m set to imperial. Is this because something is coming over from the hub wrong?

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Can you confirm the version of the app being run?

Latest and greatest of iOS,Android, and Windows

Ahhh… my bad… I see the bug now. In the next release I’ll squish this one!

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If you can do anything about the US unwilling to switch to metric, my woodworking self would be much appreciative.

I think that’s all tied up with the love and passion around guns etc - not something that can be fixed in my lifetime

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We have a slight problem… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When getting data from the hub device, I’m assuming you have a “temperature” attribute, and on my hub/device it is being reported as deg C but the value is just 21.5 and there is no information to say if that’s is in C or F… now I know it is in deg C, but the app and/or MakerAPI has no extra information that allows me to know that… so what shall I do?

Options are to make it that Metric and Imperial (for Hub Device) just change the C and F around and don’t do any temp conversion. But is that enough? I think so, but wanted to confirm that indeed I should just change the symbol and not actually do any temp conversion.

This is different to what happens when you use the Weather API, of which globally the standard is to send data in deg C or deg K and I convert it to F or C or whatever scale you wish to view it at.

So just checking before I code and release something that doesn’t work in the expected way

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After much thinking, I went with this…


Mine was the last U.S. generation to be given formal Metric education (in the 1970s, mind you). I recently inquired with the Mississippi public television station responsible for much of the on-air programming on that subject and was told they keep it all in a vault, “No plans to re-release.”

Would be delighted if my country could get on board with Metric!!

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