[FIXED] The mode tile in android stopped working

On my android phone I can no longer select a mode. It give me the menu but if I pick a different mode it ignores it. It still works on windows.

For the last 2 release of the 1.6.0 beta releases, it seems that i’ve lost the ability to interact with my HSM tile.

When I tap on the tile, it brings up the correct choices, but it doesn’t allow me to actually select any of them and hence I can’t arm/disarm HSM. I’ve tried disabling/enabling the “Close On Change” option and also completely logging out and back in again but it doesn’t make a difference.

This is occuring on both Android and MACOS version 1.6.0 build 16215

Yep, I may have stuffed it with the changes to live-updating dialogs. Let me check…

Fixed in the next beta/release. I also found a few other missing bits that I stuffed up in the move to live dialog updates. Thanks for finding this before it went live. I appreciate the testing of the beta.

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Yep. Found and sorted. Thanks guys

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