[FIXED] theme default still disabled

Speaking of the “Unlock” feature, if I’m judging things correctly, that’s supposed to un-gray the related Setting’s text, no?

Yet I’ve noticed such does not happen with ‘Tile Gradient’ – it remains grayed out, as shown above. At least in the WinApp under 1.6.x.

I checked all the other ‘Appearance’ fields and that’s the only one so affected. Hope this feedback helps.

I believe it is working, but just that you’re not seeing or using the […] button that is enabling and disabling as required for use.


I guess the only criticism could be that the text box (that is disabled as it is only for display not editing) could change from greyed (disabled) to normal, but still left read-only stopping you from entering text.

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This has been fixed/implemented and will be in the next 1.6.1 release. Thanks for pointing this out.

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