[FIXED] Theme Editor - Can't Save Copied Theme

Having an issue with the ‘Theme Editor.’

If I ‘copy’ a theme (ie: Sunshine Beach), save it, exit the app, and re-open the app, it doesn’t save. I end up losing the entire theme and all the changes made to it.

I’m doing this with the Windows app - v1.5.9

Thanks and let me know if there’s anything additional I can provide.

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@LibraSun can you replicate this??

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Followed steps to reproduce in Build 15151, and after doing so found the Copy to be missing. No error messages thrown throughout process.

Who wrote this app? Okay then… I’ll dig into what’s happening :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahaha…thanks guys :slight_smile:

I noticed that it is now not possible to delete a previously copied theme.

Looks like the app hasn’t correctly updated the local cache. The save/delete to the cloud is working correctly, but the local cache still reflects the old state - and reloading doesn’t always correct that. If you refresh, the local cache and running config will be correct (based on the copy/save/delete etc)

Yes that works. I used to notice that changing from edit to dash mode, after about 10 seconds the tiles looked t like they refreshed where the data would blank out. Since the last update I have not noticed that happening.

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Fixed and will be in the next release