[FIXED] Tile Actions Not Setting To None

I’ve been changing some of my switches from Tap to Double Tap to prevent accidental activation. I’ve noticed that when changing from Toggle On/Off to None and pressing OK, the action does not change to None, and it takes a second attempt to successfully change the action. Some experimentation shows that this is only happening when changing to None, changing to any other action is fine, and this is happening for Tap, Double Tap, and Hold. Both on the Mac and IOS app.

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In support of your bug report, using 1.5.5 Build 15137 of the Windows app, I changed a Switch Tile from a “Tap” setting of “Toggle On/Off” to “None” and noticed the following behavior:

  1. At first, the dialogue continues to display “Toggle On/Off” under Tap:

  2. However, if I either (a) leave the dialogue and re-Edit the Tile, OR (b) leave the dialogue and click SAVE and then re-Edit the Tile, then “None” is correctly displayed beneath Tap.

So it seems to be all about the instant update missing from the dialogue UI itself, not an internal failure to enact the change.

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I’d agree, and I just also experienced where I switch the action to None, clicked on OK, the clicked on preview. The light turned on, but would not turn off, although the display for Tile Action was still showing Toggle On/Off. Going out and doing a Save, returning to Tile Action shows it in the none state.

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I’ll take a look and see what I can uncover - as you’ve mentioned, looks to be mainly failing to update the active/live view

Yep, found the bug and it’s been fixed. In the next release.


Thanks for the quick resolution!

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