[FIXED] Wizard hangs

On windows the add tile wizard just hangs.

Google store does not have the upgrade yet.

Will check that out - was that trying to add a Thermostat device?

Going to need a little more detail as to what part of “add tile wizard just hangs” doesn’t work, as when trying this myself, it works fine…

On windows, I open the app, click edit mode, click + to add a tile, click wizard, it just hangs on the busy thingee.

Also, I checked “special” in that form and do not see mode tile options, but it might be in the wizard section?

What version of Windows - and does it do that on Phone or other platforms?

Also, are you connected locally to the hub or via cloud ?



Should be connecting locally

I am unable to upgrade the phone as google play has not released it yet, checked this morning.

I cannot replicate this issue - can you confirm that it does or doesn’t occur on other devices - ie does the same bug exist on your phone?

The reason I ask is that all platforms share identical code base, so it should follow you to your phone, which would mean its related to your hub (ie something odd is being sent back about devices) that I did not anticipate - probably related to the HSM and Modes features that I’ve recently added.

Would you mind telling me what you get back from these browser urls…

http://[your hub ip]/apps/api/[maker app id]/hsm?access_token=[maker api token]


http://[your hub ip]/apps/api/[maker app id]/modes?access_token=[maker api token]

I think I figured it out - if you don’t have the HSM App installed, MakerAPI incorrectly returns a null object instead of valid JSON… so I have to add something to catch for that condition. Fixed in the next release (assuming that’s the issue) - would still be good to see the results from your hub so I’m sure.

When you add a tile (either via wizard or manually) it will check your hub for HSM or Mode settings and then add a special device that you can configure a tile for - the devices are named “Hubitat HSM” and “Hubitat Modes” accordingly.

Ah, I do not use hsm, doing my own security rules. Hubivue should be able to detect the current mode hubitat is in? The android app I use now can, hubitat menu it is called I think. I rather dislike that app :wink:

Now, if hubivue cannot detect the mode, I can setup something in virtual devices that I may be able to use.

Another thought, if I install hsm will that provide those devices without making me use hsm?

I think you are on to the issue but I will get those results as soon as I get time, starting work now

Yes, but the next release of hubiVue won’t require that you do - sorry I missed that case of not having it installed

I did confirm it as the issue though, I added HSM but did not configure it to do anything, and now the add tile wizard works again.

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Fixed in release v1.1.7