[FIXED] Wizard results in blank Dashboard [Fire 8HD 8th gen]

On my Fire, I’ve tried running the “Wizard” (after entering “Edit Mode” for an existing but otherwise empty/unused dashboard) with 1 or more Rooms selected… yet it produces no expected results.

I thought it would auto-populate based on found devices. Fact is, the 2nd screen of the Wizard comes up blank, despite my Maker API and Hub being correctly configured**, online, and recognized by hubiVue.

**Possible mea culpa = had not yet entered https://app.hubivue.com in CORS under Maker API, but just finished that overlooked Setup step, which seems to have no effect on this issue (phew).

NOTE: I can manually add any of the devices as Tiles, and they work when I do that.

Will sit on hands until later revision pushes, but wanted this post to stand as a datum/signpost should other Fire users be similarly situated.

Screenshot midway through process…

That looks like a crash. That’s bad :frowning:

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For what it’s worth I believe the same thing happened to me on the web version. Which I am about to try again in mere moments.

UPDATE: Works fine on Web editor. Got myself a roomful of tiles (cramped on my “tiny” 55-inch LCD screen, but manageable!). So, yeah, only an issue on Fire for the time being.

Interesting… on the Fire, can you do this… Start Again under the Account Menu

(this will delete all the config but not the hub settings)

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Did it, and many nice things happened. Resulted in finished multi-link Dashboard, sorted by Room! Good call, sir.

Nice outcome, but I suspect there is still some nasty bug lurking behind there… I’ll close this as [FIXED] but feel free to reply again with any new information about how to reproduce this error.

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