Guest dashboard with multiple tabs

Every guest access instance I create allows access to only one Dashboard. Except one of them has three Dashboard tabs across the bottom. I can’t remember how this came to be, but I like it. Can someone tell me how to do this again?

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How to add the tabs or how to have multiple dashboards shown in guest ?

Tabs are under Settings per device

Dashboards must be link via DashLink tile from the default dashboard to show up (kinda like security for limiting guests to certain dashboard)

Ah, the light! The tabs reflect the additional dashboard tiles I setup on the dashboard in question. So when I create a dashboard called “Kitchen” and add a dashboard link tile to another dashboard called “Bedroom” the corresponding tab for “Bedroom” will appear in the “Tabs” area. Brilliant!

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Correct. Means that Guests to your home cannot wander into areas you don’t want them, or that they need, to mess with.

Cool hey ?? :sunglasses:

Very cool! I really like that I can change the dashboards on the fly, without touching the other device.

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