[HowTo] Create Dashboards for Mobile and Tablet

This guide will show you how to Create Dashboards for both Mobile and Tablet devices.

Step 1 Start with you hubiVue app connected and a dashboard already configured for mobile phone use (as per the pic below). We are going to next create a set of dashboards for a tablet device.

Step 2 Got the Menu and enter Edit Dash Mode - this will change the dashboard operating mode from View to Editing, so that you can modify all dashboards configurations.

Step 3 Tap the bottom right most icon button ( the Edit Dashboards button) that will bring up the below dialog for editing and creating new dashboards.

Step 4 You could manually create dashboards by tapping +NEW, but we’re going to save some steps and use the WIZARD. We going to a complete duplicate of our existing mobile dashboard, but arranged for tablet dimensions/size etc. So we choose Default & Multiple Dashboards (as per the pic)

Step 5 When you get to the last wizard step, you change the Prefix to be tablet_ (or whatever you wish to identify this as the dashboard layout for your tablet or wall mounted device, or your guests etc) Choose a larger column layout that would suit the dimensions of the device (we’ve picked 7 columns) and change the Theme if you wish too.

Finished Now just view the dashboard on the tablet device, make some minor changes to the position and layout of the tiles, and the display and scale will be suitable for a tablet device.

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