[HowTo] Install Hubitat® Maker API correctly for hubiVue?

This guide will show you how to install Maker API so that you can use hubiVue correctly. The following steps were completed on Hubitat hub v2.3.0.108

Please note: the pics here are matched with a test hub configured to run with hubiVue - so follow the guides carefully using your hub’s unique settings to replace certain values outlined below, and proceed slowly to ensure you have the correct values in the right place.

Step 1… install Maker API on your local Hubitat hub. On the Apps tab, choose the button Add Built-In App, and then select Maker API (as per the pic below)

Step 2… ensure the following settings are enabled in Maker API. Both Allow Access via Remote / Cloud AND Local IP Address are on/enabled, and also add https://app.hubivue.com to the Allowed Hosts (for CORS) (as per the pic below)

Step 3… add the devices you wish hubiVue to monitor/control to the Devices and when finished, choose Done to close the app configuration.


This next section is how to configure hubiVue :smiley:

Within hubiVue, if you enter your Hubitat hub’s IP address, and select Detect Settings, it should correctly retrieve all the needed Maker API values to work. If not, read on !!

If hubiVue cannot detect your Maker API settings, then you probably have Hub Login Security enabled, and as such, it won’t allow hubiVue to interrogate the hub for Maker API settings :frowning_face:

You have two options…

The Easy Way - temporarily disable the Hub Login Security, return and configure hubiVue (using Detect Settings), and then re-enable Hub Login Security when finished. You’re now done !!

– or –

The Hard Way - you will need to manually copy/paste the following details from your Maker API app page in Hubitat into hubiVue. This isn’t easy, as the token values are very long …and that’s why this is the hard way !! :frowning_face:

  1. Maker API AppID is the number in the URL on the browser address bar when Maker API app is open for configuration (this is 117 in the pic below)

  2. Maker API Access Token and Maker API Cloud Token are contained in the links at the bottom of the Maker API configuration page. Go to the last set where it talks about Cloud access (as per the pic below). Cloud Token is the first long token after the /api/ and Access token is the long token number at the end after the words ?access_token=