HTML Tiles: Testing their Script vocabulary

Looking good so far with respect to Tables and CSS styling (full code pasted below):

Source code
tr {border:white 1 solid;}
td, th {font-size:14;padding:2 5;border:none;font-weight:bold;}
.bg1 {background-color:red;}
.bg2 {background-color:blue;}
<tr class='bg1'><th>A</th><th>B</th></tr>
<tr class='bg2'><td>C</td><td>D</td></tr>

However, note that (so far as I can tell) there’s no support yet for things like CSS --variables. I’ll be testing transitions, transforms and animations next.


  • Transitions (e.g. width 2s) are a no-go;
  • 2D Transforms (e.g. translate) are a no-go;
  • 3D Transforms (e.g. rotateX(150deg)) are a no-go;
  • Animations (e.g. @keyframes) are a no-go;

@g.slender how challenging would it be for CSS variables to get included with the HTML Tile lexicon? I foresee lots of interesting uses there.

Next… I dunno whether this constitutes a nitpick, or a quasi-bug, but when I intentionally include an HTML anchor with a known-good URL in its href, clicking that hyperlink in the finished Tile (shown here) does nothing.

What should I expect in this, admittedly unusual, use case?

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Good question - nothing because I guess you tell me what you would expect

Welp… I’d like to flip that question back to the guys who initially requested the HTML Tile, for guidance from them. Surely their answer won’t be “Do nothing” (which is currently the situation)… so, should a weblink open in the host platform’s browser? Act like a URL tile (i.e. perhaps have the option of sending its links silently or opening the browser)?