HTTP Callback error message [1.5.5 WebApp]

The HV webapp is showing me the following red message, which I think the Android and Windows apps were hiding from me:

It accompanied somewhat strange behavior, like the app seeming to “refresh” out of nowhere, or ignore and/or lag after tapping a Tile that sends an “Open URL” command.

Did I break something?

Yes and No. Web is a different kind of paradigm due to CORS. You can’t expect a web URL that works locally to work from the browser without security challenges occuring - so the target URL that you use needs to work globally and be permitted to allow CORS requests. The error is the browser being denied to permission due to preflight checks failing - complex CORS stuff.

I’m wondering if I a) just cover all this up and disable OpenURL for web or b) just leave it as is and trust that folks figure it out

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Makes perfect sense when someone smart explains things.

I may re-try setup using Cloud URLs instead of the Local ones, and see if they manage to round-trip.