"Hub Offline" from web app but not from mobile app

I bought a new HE C-8. Rather than migrate all my settings I started everything from scratch. Setup a new MakerAPI for Hubivue.

Used the mobile app to change configuration (which it detected after I entered IP), and the mobile device reported both cloud and local access are good. It even works when I turn off Wifi on my phone. However when I try to view it from my PC I get “Hub Offline”, and I have no idea how to fix it. I have tried from multiple browsers.


Probably due MakerAPI not being fully installed correct as per …

oops I didnt have the CORS site in there. I could have sworn I did. Thanks!

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I don’t use the web app, so I can’t help you there, but have you tried the Windows Desktop App? That’s what I use (Mac Version). I find it preferable as I am set up for local only and if I want to remote access HV, I use Wireguard to VPN into my router.

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