Hubitat Hub -> Past Logs: Java Errors

Just noticed I get these errors from time to time. Why is this occurring?

What is your hub’s Device #227? More importantly, what leads you to believe it’s somehow related to hubiVue dashboard app’s behavior?

It links back to my Maker API instance for hubiVue when I click on the id #.

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It’s hard to trace, as the logs don’t clearly say what device was involved in the error at the time.

Do you have any other reason or use for why MakerAPI is installed?

It’s something to do with a command being sent in error.

…yeah, almost like a “local endpoint” being sent to Maker API in order to affect a change in some Variable Connector’s value, if I had to guess.

Do any of your Tiles have such a “Custom Command” set up for “Open URL” as a Tap action?

No other use, just curious why this was showing up and if it would be any use to you.

It is of use but would need to know what device type is causing it. Could also be a RGB bulb as I think they have secondary command values

Looks like I don’t have logging turned on to be verbose enough to see what device is being triggered around that time.

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