Icon emphasis options suggestion

Love the existing capabilities for Icon emphasis with glow, rotate, light/regular, dual-color, full color gamut to change colors, and even changing icon itself.

May be greedy, but how about “jiggle” in addition to rotate? Maybe something like rotate CW/CCW +/- 5-10 deg? Would use this kind of motion emphasis a lot more if I had something like this. Other than fan, I can’t think of much I would really want to rotate.

Vibrate? Bounce up and down 10-20% of icon size?

Pulse? Grow/shrink +/- 10-20% of icon size?



Being able to define the speed, axes and angle(s) of an icon’s motion, as a new form of Override, sounds really fun and something I’ve imagined before. After all, we already see this kind of “jiggle” in (limited) action when you click Edit Mode > Tile > Move.

Yep, should be fairly easy to add this.

  • Jiggle - the rocking left to right 5-10 degrees motion continuously

  • Vibrate - this is a high speed sideways 5 pixels left and right, a big pause and then repeats

  • Pulse - this is a size grow by 10% and then shrink back to normal at twice the growth rate repeatedly

Having these presets is easier than the speed, axes and angle combinations - as you’d need to define a few other parameters too… and that’s going to get complex.


I’ve been watching too many “CSS Only UI” show-off videos, obviously.