Icons are difficult to find

I’m looking for 2 icons, water valve opened and closed. The only one I found is a drop and a drop with an X. After I select the drop with an X it is really difficult to find it again since it is not named drop or water or valve. There should be a name under the icon list so I can find it easily next time I want to use it. Maybe you can add in the IN USE list also the icons that we use in the tile overrides.

It would be nice if we can add icons.

Latest dev build has this change for all places where you choose/select icons

Good idea. Will look at adding that


What type of icons do you think you’d add? ie how do you see that technically working? upload an image? that’s not going to ever look nice? SVG? I’m not thinking that works in practise… but happy to discuss how you see that working

In the other app I’m testing I can upload .PNG to add to icons. I was looking for water valve and deshumidifer (on and off)

search for faucet

and maybe water ? there is water-rise and water-lower

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I personally think, relying on users to upload the a PNG will mean the dashboards will look ugly.

There are 1,800 icons in the library I’ve provided - pretty much everything you could need, and they will always look good and work with the glow and colour styles etc… uploading a PNG will be all sorts of challenges for users to ensure it is transparent, glow won’t work, resolution issues etc

Back to this icon topic. It would be helpful if we could get an “Add To My Favorite” button when in the search view.
Having to scroll through that loooooong list of icons is not the worst thing. That said, as we scroll through and see something we might have a use for on another device or a future use besides what we are looking for at that moment, being able to click as we scroll and tell the app add this to my list of “being used icons” aka Favorites :heart: would be helpful.

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Have added to the list of future enhancements

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List of icon tags either needed or need additional if tag(s) already exist. List will be added to.
Open and Closed for Contact Sensors
Monitoring On and Off
Modes all

Need additional light fixtures. Currently searching for lamp brings up 4 items. Need same sort of large collection found in native Hubitat dashboard.

If multiple tags are possible then for room names you would see light fixtures associated with a room type along with other items associated with a given type of room.

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I’m probably going to need help against some of these as to what “you” think an icon would be for each word… ie I wouldn’t have initially thought of a running man for motion, but now that it has been pointed out to me, I agree its a good image of motion.

BTW - the icon set is here if you wish to search and identify what you like and what terms are current included (I can add any number of terms in addition to what is already there)

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