Icons are not square

I notice that while the “Rotate” effect is active on tile icons with Glow enabled, the glow seems to be centered slightly away – maybe just 1-2 screen pixels – from the geometric center of the icon.

Example: The tire’ icon (hidden here with 0% opacity to help illustrate) is accompanied by the wobbling glow effect shown here:
Rotating Icon Wobble

Something that I need to look into as to why that is occurring…

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Icon itself is centered; glow is not. Just to clarify…

I’ve looked into this, and I believe the icons themselves are not pixel square, and so rotating them means that I cannot find the correct / accurate centre and they are therefore not rotating on their axis. Have a double check of the icons without glow, they all seem to exhibit a degree (varies) of wobble depending on the non-square size of the icon.

It is fairly minor and visually very slight to detect, so not sure its worth the energy vs issue.

Yep, I say leave it alone. Icons seem well-centered, actually. As for the glow, closer analysis just shows that it’s slightly offset (toward one edge, thus more like a drop-shadow, rather than a true glow that extends equally in all directions), as evidenced by this magnified view of a spinning wheel:
Glow Effect Offset

For all practical purposes, nobody is going to notice this unless they’re doing something truly bizarre with see-through icons, and even then it shouldn’t matter.

I made some changes that could improve it… its very slight and seems to adjust based on scale/size of dashboard. I can reproduce the wobble in a standalone app in the frameworks core app, so it might be a quirk of using fonts as icons, instead of specific SVG images etc.