Installation instructions...?

Hi all,
I’m hunting round for installation instructions - requirements and how to get going. I’m clearly being as blind as a bat, but I can’t find them.
I’ve clicked ‘FAQ’ at the bottom of the page and I get a 404. I’ve clicked ‘FAQ’ in this forum and I just see the forum rules. I’ve looked in the HOWTO section, but the guides there all assume everything is installed and working.
Like I said, I’m missing something obvious, but if somebody could help me I’d be grateful.

Have you looked at this post:


It doesn’t give any instructions for how to use/install hubiVue or what the requirements are though.

In fact, as it says “this guide will show you how to install Maker API so that you can use hubiVue correctly.”, it sort of implies that it’s not really necessary and it will work (albeit not correctly) without it.

What I’m after is a web page that says “This is how hubiVue works, this is what the prerequisites are, this is how you do the installation and this is how you connect.” From those, the first two are the most important pieces of information and that I can’t find anywhere.


You will need MakerAPI installed.

This is the first time after hundreds of users has anyone asked for simpler step by step instructions. Eg. There is an implied assumption you know how to install apps on your computer/phone, so instructions about those steps won’t be provided.

Steps after that are guided by the hubiVue app itself, but yes, you will need MakerAPI installed on the Hubitat hub, and the link mentioned above covers those steps in detail.

If you’re stuck after that, maybe outline at what specific point, and we can give you some guidance??

Edit: thanks for mentioning some of the dead links that we need to remove and fix. Appreciated :+1:

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You misunderstand. I was not asking for simpler instructions or instructions on how to install apps on my computer.

There are no instructions/guides/hints at all. How am I to know whether it’s simple or complicated or what I need to prepare? How am I to know what the pre-requisites are. If there was a page which said just:

Installation instructions

  • Install MakerAPI
  • Install the right app for your device
  • Follow the instructions on the app
  • That’s it

(and, seriously, from what you say, it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that) then I wouldn’t have posted here.

The problem is that the page about MakerAPI is ambiguous - it doesn’t say you have to have it, it just says that hubiVue will only work correctly with it. Use of the word ‘correctly’ is what creates the ambiguity - is it still usable without it? Is it only some functionality that needs it etc. etc… Without ‘correctly’ (i.e. “hubiVue will only work with it”) all ambiguity is removed.

However, even without the ambiguity, without knowing what the pre-requisites are, why would I even know to look at the MakerAPI page linked above in the first place?

So are you sorted now?

Thank you. I am, yes.

I think this is all fair feedback, and has me thinking about creating a short-and-sweet Startup Guide. But I should mention some key points to ponder:

  • hubiVue will eventually work with more hubs than just Hubitat;
  • Installation may include additional steps for hubs using Secure Login;
  • The interoperability offered through Maker API is not absolutely necessary, since some advanced uses employ other I/O methods;
  • The FAQ needs to account for users with zero knowledge (or even interest) in home automation, as some will come to HV as invited Guests.

For me, there’s no such thing as too much hand-holding with apps. So I’m glad to see this thread being posted.


For funsies, I slapped together this skeleton intro, which may help Grant design his own Startup Guide for n00bs in the future.


My bigest problem starting out was that I couldnt download it because I didn’t spell it correctly. ?? Hubiview ??


:laughing: that’s really funny… yeah, the name was something I had to compromise on because domains they are taken

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Not a compromise at all. HubiVue is an upgrade over Hubiview. Hubivue looks like 2030 while hubiview looks like 1999. Just sayin.

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