Interactive Lock Keypad


Is it possible to make a tile that interfaces and functions directly with Hubitat’s lock code manager and manages it? I’m mainly looking at you Mr. @LibraSun :slight_smile:.

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I appreciate the suggestion that I might know things, however I’ve honestly never tried using Hubitat’s built-in Lock Manager app, thus don’t immediately have any thoughts or experiences to share.

Will definitely go down that rabbit hole later this week, as time permits.

In the meantime, when I’m looking for massive brain input, I generally seek out the likes of @rlithgow1 whom I consider a Grand Master.

My first, and so far only, impression is that Lock Manager will not be well-suited for administration via hubiVue. Since it’s an app and not a device – hence lacking a MakerAPI link – it’s unclear to me how HV and LM would even connect.

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Gotcha, appreciate the feedback.

In the meantime, have a quick read:

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Good news. Simply applying a setCode action to a Device Tile (that’s linked to one of your locks), it’s child’s play to add a lock code (or remove one with deleteCode):

In this case, I succeeded in adding the code ‘1234’ for Slot #15, belonging to ‘Joe’, as shown in the device’s status page:

Would that get you were you wanted to go, @salieri ?

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Man, you’re the hubiVue master…I had no doubts. Yeah I was trying to figure out a way to intelligently manage codes within Hubitat through hubiVue and wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. I also don’t have your aesthetic eye to make things look pretty either…haha. Cool you figured this out.

Thanks, man, happy to lend a hand. It just clicked midday in my head, and the proof of concept I showed above turned out to be dead simple. I would amend what I said before, however:

Instead of creating separate tiles to Enable or Disable a lock code, I would set these actions up as Tap and DoubleTap within the same tile!

I envision you setting up a number of such Enable / Disable tiles on a Locks-only dash that you use to coordinate locks, maybe with optional “Codes” set (in the HV UI) on your tiles so nobody else could inadvertently click them.

There is a catch, however… you still won’t have a convenient way to know which users’ lock codes are currently set for a particular lock device. Here’s a suggestion for that:

For each tile, make sure it has an Icon. Then go into Edit > Appearance > Conditional Overrides > Add+ with the following rule:
IF Attribute [LockCodes] contains 1234
THEN Icon Glow Enabled

Test it out. Tap to set the code, icon glows. Double tap to remove same code, icon stops glowing. Make sense?

Yep, @LibraSun is a bit of a hubiVue master and has knowledge of app that sometimes makes me look like a newb !!

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