Invoking Wizard on existing Dash produces Dash0 copies

I’m reluctantly filing this under “Bug” when I may well learn it’s expected behavior… Starting from a working dash setup named ‘mob_3365’ with 7 rooms (“Dining Room”, “Front Porch”, etc.), I went back to HE UI and added a bunch more Devices (assigned by HE to those same Rooms) to Maker API.

Upon returning to hubiVue, I clicked the Pencil icon (lower-right), then the Wizard button. Steps 1 and 2 seemed to go as planned, wherein I chose “Multiple Rooms” in hopes that newly discovered devices would “interleave” themselves into all of my existing Rooms.

Expanding each > and reviewing the contents seemed to support my theory…

…until Step 3. Which surprised me by asking to “Name” the Dashboard, without overtly offering to select the existing ‘mob_3365’. So I typed ‘3365’ in the provided blank and clicked Finish. No joy.

The results seem to be more of a parallel universe, where each new ‘Room0’ mimics (but is not identical to) the ‘Room’ I already had.

Am I doing the steps wrong? Are we better off Deleting the established set of Room before clicking Wizard? Is there a better, prescribed way to “bring in new devices into existing rooms without creating additional rooms?”

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This is behaving as designed. The app doesn’t sync between rooms and tiles. I’m not keen on trying to do that so not sure it will ever be sorted.

Keen to discuss though and maybe there could be some improvements - but you can imagine the mess that could unfold trying to detect and sync between existing devices and tiles setup to monitor or reflect these. Note that a tile isn’t a 1:1 confirmation that it reflects all aspects of a device in the hub.

Wizard is a first-start activity - not an ongoing thing to keep rooms and dashboards in sync. It just isn’t really possible (as far as I can determine).

@LibraSun thanks for bringing this detail up. More often than not I’d rather a new item go to the room dashboard that matches the room I have it assigned to in Hubitat. This gets even more tricky when you add the room piece in with items like Google Home and Amazon’s hub.

@g.slender does the maker api offer room name as this screen grab suggest?

If this is available then would it be possible to spitball how this room organization in dashboards might optimized for those wanting automatic organization including when new devices show up via the api? It seems like your improved edit dialog box along with the new alias tile might help in some ways with this room organization piece.

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I think you and I are basically on the same page here. I’m just saying that when I go back and add more stuff in Maker, and they come from a Room defined on Hubitat with the same name as a named Dash in hubiVue, it would be sweet if the wizard could just be told to shove it into that existing Dash instead of making a new Dash with a zero at the end of its name.

I don’t mind ticking appropriate boxes in the process, telling hubiVue where everything should go, but I definitely don’t want to have to run the wizard 10 times if I’m adding new devices from 10 different Rooms this way.

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On further introspection (I’m a little less groggy now that I’ve had my morning tea…), how often would anyone be adding 10 new devices all at once to their hub or to hubiVue after initial setup?

And, even if you had to, how hard is it really to just scrap the entire Dashboard and let the Wizard do its thing re-creating everything from scratch?

I totally respect how difficult it would be to try having the Wizard distinguish “what was already here?” and “is that definitely the same widget as before, or did my user swap out a device so it just looks the same?”

Yeah, tough call. Obviously you’ve given this plenty of thought.

Note to self: If you do add 10 new devices, just let the Wizard run but select One Room / All Devices and then go manually re-assign the new items to their respective Room destinations. Then delete the temp Room. Not that hard.


That’s really the problem.

Not easy to solve, and HE don’t make the device information expressive enough to be 100% confident there is only 1 device needed per room. You can have 10 tiles all point to the same device - think about a weather sensor or power sensor where you have several tiles reporting different attributes etc. There is not a simple solution to this and I’m not keen on investing hours and days trying to automate something is likely not needed in most cases (because you can do it yourself).


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I completely agree, and will keep my thinking cap on while hunting for just the right simple approach to this, since I fear that otherwise, you’re going to have scores of users complain that “I just added more devices to Maker and HV created X and Y extra rooms, yada yada…”.

Perhaps a third option on Page 1 of the Wizard designated, “I just added devices to Maker, help me sort them into existing Dashes” and the Page 2 would list ALL devices (for the reasons you spelled out above), but UN-checked. User would not only have to manually check desired devices, but next to each would be a drop-down of “Destination Dash” they could pick from to send each on its merry way.

But that’s the last I’ll say of this b/c I do recognize the diminishing returns involved. :slight_smile: