Is there a way to change the default Dashboard?

Is there a setting to choose which menu is the default?

For the guest users, yes there is… but not for the standard user. This is something I can fix/add though.


Do you mean which “dashboard” ? If so that would be a great feature

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I assumed he did and have also updated the title of the topic


I also would like this.

I haven’t tested this theory yet, but is the current “default” dash going to be the “topmost” one in the dash list?

Would be interested to understand why this issue comes up, as it will always remember the last dash visited.

The only time “setting” the default dash would be valid is when you login - but how many times are you doing that?

Understanding helps me build the feature correctly

My Amazon Fire tablet keeps reloading the screen, and every time it does, it comes up to the default dashboard. I’m not sure how often it happens but it is many times per hour.

I think I know why that’s happening…

You’re kind of using the app the wrong way. You have your Amazon Fire version of hubiVue logged on using the “owner” account (ie your email address) when you really should be using the Guest Mode and using that feature on something like a shared/access tablet. Obviously anyone could walk up to that Amazon Fire and start fiddling with the hubiVue config and change everything - or even access things you didn’t want casual guests of the house using.

Guest Management in hubiVue is really how you should be configuring that Amazon Fire.

What’s occurring is that on another device (probably your PC or phone) you are updating/changing the configuration and this is resetting the Amazon Fire hubiVue status and re-loading the configuration (and setting the dash to be the default again).

I can now see why you’d like to set the default for the “owner”, but also hopefully you can see that you’re kind of using the app in the wrong way - such that I wouldn’t recommend you keep using this way.

I typically create a street address email account for my home automation things (for when you ever wish to sell your house and the automation needs to stay) - such as etc - and create a guest account in hubiVue for that address. Works well and I never worry about the users of the tablet getting into places they shouldn’t.

Note that most other dashboard solutions don’t offer this :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m following you. I will have at least 4 shared access tablets around the house. Does this mean I will need a different email address for each one? Does the email address have to work, or can it be a made up fake?

Ahhh, hadn’t thought about that… when you have more than 1 tablet in the house, each with a potentially different default dashboard

Yes, using a fake email would work.

You could just add the suffix +roomname after the email account name to trick hubiVue into thinking you have multiple accounts

Eg. will still be accepted and sent to

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That +anything feature is standard in gmail and some other mail services

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Thanks, I’ll try that. I am new to Hubivue but i really like what i see so far. Great work.


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↑↑↑ This is a very useful, albeit unknown, feature of gmail. Numbers work also, like and are seen as distinct during account registration/creation, but show in the same inbox at gmail.