Label Text Size

Are there plans to be able to make lower right/left label text larger? I find I cannot use an icon as then the indication of motion is to subtle.

Also, will “contact” tiles display anything when open/closed besides the label override?

Thanks! And it is looking awesome!

Hopefully they will, but for my contact sensors, locks, etc I use tile styles for that. Specificly I use “Alert” (red) tile style for open, unlock or anything not normal.

But the backgrounds do not change to match the event

Tile Style can change just like Icon or Icon Glow

If you add a HSM tile via the Wizard it sets up a tile with Style being changed by the value of an attribute

Also , for contact sensors for example you can have it change in the overrides to style “alert” if the contact equals open . I’ll work on a mock up and put and example up later tonight.

I have a bunch to learn :slight_smile: