Latest desktop release?

@g.slender how does updating the Windows or Mac app work? I can see my version number but there is no check for updates as some programs have. I don’t see a version number on the download page.

Good question. There is no mechanism built into the app… yet!

For now, you need to download again. Every time.

The correct path that I will adopt eventually is to push both Windows and macOS into the respective app stores.

Is my current version the latest or do I need to do a download?

All platform versions are the same, so for example, if your phone is on v1.1.6 then any version of hubiVue that isn’t that version is old and should be updated.

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So for example, the release announcement states that all platforms (including Windows and macOS) have all been released with a new version - v1.1.6 build 273

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