Let's Talk About: Icons

Australians have their walkabouts; I’ve got my talkabouts.

Let’s take a hard look at the current set of 1852 available icons in HV, and ask:

  1. Where did this collection originate?
  2. Should any icons be added to the collection? Be very specific!
  3. Should any be removed? Please state why.
  4. How do some icons get added to Favorites & Bookmarks when I’ve never used or bookmarked them?

I, for one, would love to see more geometric shapes, especially those that lend themselves to looking like miniature “displays”. While I’m very happy with existing shapes like squares and rectangles, I notice none of these are present:

Wide Rounded Rectangle (a/k/a “Capsule”)

If I had to nominate icons for removal (although, why, really?):

Medical/Body Parts

BONUS POINTS for one day introducing an Icon Builder! :slight_smile:

+1 for more relevant HA icons and/or some kind of custom import/draw feature.

Many times have made do both on actiontiles and hubiVue with something kinda appropriate, but not exactly what I want. I think the right icon could often even eliminate the need for the device name/words, and make for a really nice dashboard appearance. May also be an opportunity for an expandable user-sharing experience on this site?

I don’t remember all the gaps I’ve encountered, but a few:

  1. different blind tilt angles

  2. different lighting styles that correspond to appropriate fixtures for quick visual ID.

  3. different icons for HVAC options (radiator, adjustable vent, floor heating, radiant/patio heater, humidify/dehumidify/ventilate)

  4. different irrigation sprinkler styles

  5. some more “lifestyle” icons that may fit different lighting and/or task scenes, e.g.

  6. visual status indicators of different household things (that don’t require some other emphasis), like washer running/done, other devices on/off, or online/offline.

Some of these may exist, but just don’t come up no matter what related search terms you might try.

Fully concur that the text search seems scattershot. Type “b-u-t-t-…” expecting “Button” and you get popcorn (butter flavor).

The icon library is a v5 Pro paid version of FontAwesome

Obviously, supporting the concept of “user uploaded icons” sounds easy, but the task and method to handle that (plus ensure all the other nice graphical goodness) isn’t anyway near straight forward.

I could potentially move to SVG for the icons (keeping the current set) and allow for importing and still making it possible for other image manipulations (such as rotating, alpha blends, color etc) - so that’s probably where I will head if there is desire to expand the icon set.

Another option is to upgrade the icon pack to v6 of FontAwesome Pro, but again it would be another cost that I’m sure you’re all not that keen on sharing the costs on… so I’ll keep thinking.

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if you use an icon, it gets added to your Favorites/Bookmark list. I also pre-populate some common icons to get you started with a list of icons. If you notice anything super odd, do let me know.

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Sorry, I’m sure a lot more complicated “under the hood”. Maybe a way to use a custom low-res GIF/PNG or something instead of an icon, or have a tile type that allows this? Maybe doesn’t allow all the customization/emphasis/recolor options, but maybe worth it for some use cases?

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Also I’d like to acknowledge that what HV currently offers is perfectly serviceable, and how you’ve integrated the v5 set is massive fun.

Should our attention instead be turned toward submitting requests to the icon vendor themselves for adding new shapes or categories? Point us there!

Meanwhile, if HV ever gets a sets of tabs for breaking Icons into broad categories, that too might be helpful. I sense there are search methods and filters hidden from view at the moment.

P.S. Holy crap, v6 contains 19,403 icons!

Your FontAwesome Pro subscription also allows you to upload up to 250 of your own custom icons. Maybe ask around if HV users have particular ones in mind to recommend. I’ve already said mine, which looks like this:


Hope that sharing these links won’t be considered rude, but given the context, I thought it might be instructive to see how some other DB app devs approached icons (I was curious, so I went poking around…):


Smartly 2.0

Hubitat Dashboard (user app)

tl;dr He went with free one-color flat icons from iconsdb.com

In addition to FontAwesome 5.x, they included Material Design Icons


The Home Remote

I’m going to look at including the MaterialDesignIcon set - searching for icons is going to get more complicated, but it should eliminate the icon envy

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Sweet! Thanks for always looking out for us.

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Sorry, not exactly appropriate to the season, and no offense meant, but I found my new favorite icon to use when wife/kids try to set something out-of-bounds on their dashboards:


or if you prefer on the other side of the pond


…but I cant find anything that looks like a porch light or a workshop light…and from the above, I think you can tell, I have looked!


Classic :joy::joy:

Absolutely love it