Let's Talk About: Styles & Labels

I know there will be plenty of changes in the upcoming version 1.4, but now may be a good time to get some community feedback on tile Labels and whether Styles/Overrides could (or even should) be applied to them.

Questions such as:

  • Could overrides (e.g. bold, boxed, blinking, color, etc.) be applied to Labels in similar fashion as Icons? (In all fairness, much can already be achieved along these lines using TileStyles!)
  • If so, should all Overrides be defined in a common area, or (as currently done) split between Labels > Overrides, and Styles > Overrides
  • Will it become possible to allow for Text replacement as one type of Override (e.g. If LEVEL > 60 Then Label:Bottom Right = “Too Bright!”)

Let’s see how this conversation evolves.