Let's Talk: Background Image Scaling vs. Fixed

Dunno if this technically counts as a “Feature Request”, but I’d prefer it just be a casual conversation about how Background Images behave in HV.

To wit… currently, as you move Tiles around on a Dash’s grid, the background image (if present) will automatically “grow” and “shrink” as the number of rows changes. This “change of scale” naturally alters the relationship between Tile size and Background size.

What may have started out looking like this:

after moving a single Tile down to a new row, winds up looking like this:

For users who aspire to creating so-called “pixel-perfect” grids wherein their Tiles align exactly with elements of the background, they may struggle a bit (or a lot) unless they can somehow “pin down” the bg image, so it maintains a 1:1 scale.

Could/should a setting or option be introduced that keeps the bg from resizing as I’ve described? Or are these constraints even possible to achieve across multiple platforms? (If not, this discussion may have to wait until we have what I’m calling “Panel” tiles that can be overlapped by other basic Tiles.)

The issue is that what do you expect to see when the tiles/screen is bigger than the background?

e.g. Let’s assume the background start at the top-left, and to make the example easy, the background image is only 400 wide x 800 tall. On my phone, it looks great, covers the entire screen, I lay out the tiles in a 3x6 grid - life is good.

Apple then release iPhone Next, and it comes with a 420 wide x 900 tall screen. Now my tiles auto resize neatly and everything (text, icons, border etc) all scales up to neatly accomodate the new size, but the background is now with this 20 pixel stripe across the right side and a 100 pixel gap along the bottom. Ugly!

So you’ll probably say, scale the width or height. Well, that’s the challenge.


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