Life 360 Device Disappeared in Hubitat

I have two Life 360 devices installed, one for myself and one for my wife. Both were working for about 24 hours (I just started using Hubivue). Then Saturday, my tile showed me not present, though I knew I was. I checked the status of the actual device on the HE, and it showed me to be present. I then looked at the tile, and checked the devices, and Hubivue was no longer seeing my Life 360 device (it could still see my wife’s). I deleted the tile, and tried to readd it, and the device still didn’t show. I then rebooted the HE, and that didn’t resolve it either.

Check that MakerAPI app on Hubitat has it listed as a device to be available. If you modify devices in Hubitat they sometimes get removed from MakerAPI - that a Hubitat thing unfortunately.

Otherwise, let me know if it’s being made available in MakerAPI but not showing up in hubiVue

That was the problem. Interesting, last thing I checked before getting out of the “messing with the Hubitat” session, it was all working. Next morning, it wasn’t.