Little UI tweak possibly

@g.slender On phone and iPad this little detail has caused my mind to grind a bit more than I’d rather.
If the user got to this screen and everything were closed neatly as this first screen grab shows this would be fine. But that is not how they arrive to this screen.

Instead, they see this screen as they last used it which could be any of a dozen different combos of these 3 items rolled up or unrolled.

Notice how each of those entities bounded in green squares appear to be the same font and color. On desktops machines especially notice how the little symbol to collapse or expand is way over to the right.

As the user is focusing on reading the text and trying to figure out what they are seeing mostly on the left, that little expand\collapse thing is not necessarily being seen nor is it helping to cause Tile Properties, Labels, and Style & Icon items to stand out different as they should from the items found under each category.

Since I’m not a designer and, vote for function over form almost always, a color for those labels works for me but I realize there are those who are color blind. Even if you don’t use color there are multiple ways to set those 3 categories apart so that it makes what’s under each of them clearer at a glance. I also realize you are coding for multiple platforms and what I’m suggesting may not be possible if your app is to work on all platforms. This is just a small detail for consideration.

Improvement ??


Absolutely from where I sit. Key, which is hard to measure, does it help average folks figure things out better.

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