Lock request

Would it be hard to include an over ride for locks for the time the last code was entered?

Right now I have last code in the lower left, would like to put time code was entered in the lower right:

Is that an attribute of the device? I don’t control that, and if the Hubitat driver emits that information then it will appear in HubiVue

Honesty, I don’t know. I thought since you were able to pick up the last lock code used, you would be able to pick up the time it was used too, since there has to be a log entry with it.
The driver I’m using is just the generic zwave lock system driver.

There is no log or anything sent by the hub. Just what you see in MakerAPI - the Info table shows you all the available attributes. If you want more things sent then the effort needs to be in the Hubitat driver unfortunately

You could try the community app Nyckelharpa. I know it logs/tracks the date/time of PINs and even incorrect ones

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