Migrated devices to a new C8,

I migrated my devices to a new C8 hub , and updated the new Hub IP address in string in hubiVue, but some devices aren’t responding. Is there a step I’m missing?

Did the new hub have all the same devices allocated to Maker API? I’d check there first.

yep. Everything migrated seamlessly…

Based on that feedback, one can only hope that none of the devices id’s changed without you being alerted. After that, I’m not sure what to check next.

Search in hubiVue for the devices. Some drivers incorrectly re-register their children and create new device IDs. I’ve had it happen to me and I re-wrote the drivers to fix it. Good thing is that hubiVue can allow you to simply reassign the device without losing the tile functionality. Competitor products won’t do that

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Also there is a bug in the C8 firmware. Could be that???

I opened up Maker API and clicked update on the list of devices, then done, that seemed to kick start everything. Haven’t found anything else misbehaving yet.


Glad it was sorted for you

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