Mode tile suggestion

I love the new Mode tile. However, if I am not alone could we switch the taps behavior up a bit?
A single tap cycles through modes, this would be dangerous for me as lots of apps key on that change and if I should accidentally switch to Night in mid day for example lots of alarms might go off, lights come on etc.

My suggestion is to make double tap toggle the modes and single tap bring up the list so it is not so “dangerous”.

Open for discussion of course.

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@TimB Exactly how I felt on first use. Current method of toggling will cause a problem it that tile is for anything other than display.

Seems like the single behavior that works under all circumstances is a list with radio buttons or check boxes with an X in the top right corner or a cancel \ apply button. Cancel and Apply choices are the most self evident way to handle when the user clicks on a tile like this.

Didn’t read the what’s news hey?

Double Tap and a Show Choices dialog exists now too. Let me know if you can’t find it

Oh hang on… or are you suggesting changing the default way the Wizard sets up the Modes tile? Because you can change it to whatever suits you… but are you saying the default isn’t ideal??

Because it suits my use for Mode fine

I just do not like having single click toggle modes. Are you saying I can switch it around myself?

Yes, default as toggle is not best.

Just consider what mode related automation will cause by accidental click\changes.

WAF will take an instant hit and if it happens often husband acceptance mode will need more than a toggle to fix the problem.


Agreed that single-tapping the Modes tile ought to either (a) do nothing (because I’m fumble-fingered), or (b) at most, bring up choice dialogue. Configurable as long-press (hold) instead of tap. (Personally, I reserve double-tap for last in all workflows, because not everybody has the same understanding of “correct tempo when tapping” – citing my 35+ years as a PC technician.)

Anyhoo, at no time would I want Modes to “cycle through to the next, without confirmation” because my modes are unrelated to each other, and certainly never intended for sequential invocation.

Personnally, I would prefer it bring up choices (defaulting to current), a press and hold.

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Okay - so the default can be changed in the code, and in the next release, if you ever create a HE Mode tile via the Wizard the only default configured action will be that Hold / Long Press will show the Choices dialog

So for those of you using it now - you can just make these changes yourself (ie remove the toggle on tap action leaving the existing hold action)

Is everyone familiar with how?


Wow… I almost feel guilty at the price of the subscription. This feels like you’re writing a custom app for me. Thanks for the upgrades!!


Biggest hit to WAF in this household came when I first ever tried to access my old Vera controller, over the local network, on my first Fire tablet. I was so excited to have a “silent computer” that could run full-fledged productivity apps IN BED while my partner is sleeping.

Middle of the night, not tired enough to sleep, I started scrolling through all of Vera’s devices, when all of a sudden a “swipe” became a “tap” and on went all the house lights!

^ THIS ^ IS WHY I take tile placement and behaviour so incredibly seriously, LOL.

Full disclosure: I tried explaining the underlying problem to the billionaire who purchased Vera (now: Ezlo), since he fashions himself the “lead product manager” on their Forum… and he basically laughed it off. His reply was something like, “Why would you be messing with that?”

Sold the Vera, gave up on ezlo, bought a Hubitat, installed hubiVue, and never once looked back. :slight_smile:


@LibraSun I’ve had similar experiences with developers who write software in the woodworking industry I’ve been a part of for 45 years. When you make a common sense suggestion they often respond with your quote and then quickly come up with their ugly hack around an obvious issue that always begins with “All’s you have to do is…” From that point it’s just a downhill slog for users of their program.