Multi-select and tiles height

2 things that would help me:

  1. Possibilty to multi select tiles so I can copy and paste them on a different dashboard page.
  2. Possibility to create tiles with fraction in height, like 0,5 instead of 1, like this:

Will add to the list of enhancements, but won’t be quickly added as this will be a complex re-design to add the concept of “selecting/unselecting tiles”

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That concept is really just a larger grid and making all normal tiles 2x2 in size and that would give you 1x1 tiles that are half that height. You can do that today if that’s really important to you. Adding the concept of 1/2 tile is a massive amount of recoding that I can’t see happening anytime soon.

Creating a larger grid (6 or 8 colums) and then making most tiles 2x2 along with an edit of the theme (to fix font sizes/icon sizes etc) would get what you need. The theme editor isn’t far away (mostly 90% done) and so that’s really the way I’d offer that feature - not going to redesign the entire app to support 1/2 sized tiles.

I did not think about that. That’s an acceptable solution.

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2 interesting things that could be useful are:

  1. the function cut (cut and paste).
  2. Possibility to have label on 2 lines at the top of a tile

Finally I tested it and or it’s too small or it’s too big. Too bad I understand that it could be a lot of work.

Looks fine to me… with the Theme Editor, you will be able to create custom styles to apply to tiles, and that will fix the small font sizes on the larger Go Back and Garage Door tiles.