Multiple menus open behavior - Windows App

I love the fact that I can create many menus. I have:
Security (alarm controls and such)
Temperature (readings around the house and property)

What is a bit annoying is when I have them all open and I edit one of them and they all then default back to the “default” menu, by themselves. The app opening in the default is not a big deal, though a property setting or something to chose which to open would be cool.

I also have a “kiosk” type tablet. I am pretty sure that currently if I update a menu on my phone or windows it would then force my tablet to the “default” menu which would not be great though I could make the tablet menu the default.

Just some things I noticed. Not critical.

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Just to clarify are you opening the Windows app multiple times? I don’t follow the comment that you’ve opened them all and editing one and they all reset? I think I know what’s happening, but I’d like to confirm first

Are you using Guest Management to setup the kiosk user? You should

I will check out guest management! Thanks for that. I think I know what it must do

I am opening the windows app multiple times , yes

Ahhh, not sure the app will work well like that, and I was thinking of restricting the desktop versions to a single instance app on Mac and Windows for this reason - I don’t really want to troubleshoot multiple instances running simultaneously and the app wasn’t designed with that in mind - but yes it probably would work though :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do agree having the standard user login have a “last dashed used” remembered is a good idea and something I’ll add to the next release. Thanks !!

What ever you decide. On windows I can always design one big menu (32" display) and just arrange the tiles in quadrants.