Navigation Tip

Just in case there are others like me who might be a bit slow when it comes to figuring things out, this little tile menu button down in the bottom right corner is a good way to move between Tile Dashboards. I just realized this today and it is more efficient than navigating with tile links from one dashboard to another.


Correct. When you have 1 or 2 dashboards, it would be easier (less clicks) to use a DashLink tile, but when you have a dozen or so dashboards, yep, using the dashboard menu is the better way.

Note: Guest’s won’t get the dashboard menu when they login !! - this is because we don’t currently have a way to ONLY show the dashboards that their DashLink’s would allow them access to. BUT that feature is on the list. Idea being that it will allow you to issue a GuestCode to a cleaner, or occasional guest for the house, family or friend etc, or a shared house tablet, and they only see a limited setup of dashboards and tiles.

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I too, just figured this out. I’m really liking this app and much faster than the HE dashboard, not sure why, but the HE dashboard takes way too long to load, and as a result I don’t use it, I actually walk over & push buttons.

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