Need more tile styles

I was using the theme editor and looking for a way to add custom tile styles. I found the add a new tile style button but all of the options claim top be off limits due to being over ridden by a global style. Is this feature still under construction or am I missing something?

I am loving this app btw!

Add a TileStyle using the [ + ADD TILESTYLE ] button…then…

Then tap/click the padlock to unlock the items you wish to override the global style… Easy :slight_smile:


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Easy would be having a floating something that said “Touch Lock to Unlock” because like @TimB I had to think way too much and try way too many things to figure that out.


So how did you know to tap the edit box to begin typing and edit a field? Where’s the floating dialog to tell you to tap that? Or the floating dialog around a trash icon to tell you to tap that to delete something?

I don’t wish to clutter an already busy UI - what other small icon can mean unlock the global override and let me edit it?

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Admittedly Ihad the same issue, not realizing I even could or needed to unlock the global styles. I see your point about extra clutter in the UI, but it seems something is needed. Brian Turcote (@bptworld in the hubitat community) has a feature in his apps where if you just hover over an element, if there is additional information or instructions available it will pop up. No additional visual indicators. Maybe something like that? Just spit balling ideas.

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Yep, and for Desktop/Web apps, that makes perfect sense, but for touch/mobile apps, there is no concept of hover… but maybe I need to think about the additional things I can add in the Desktop/Web to help, but note I will still have someone not use that version of app and wonder how to unlock the field to edit it - and I just assumed (incorrectly) that a clickable/tapable padlock would be obvious enough.

Keep coming with the ideas, as I’d love to have some kind of visual clue that you can tap/click this icon next to the field that makes you realise its a button. Maybe it needs the button trip (ie border and colour to show that it is different and clickable).

But do me a favour, take a good look at many UIs and notice how many buttons and icons are not labeled or even identifiable as buttons but you somehow know that they are… or you learn because you try to click / tap and then you know… oh, so that does that…

Have added a tooltip - will see how many folks even know to hover over the lock icon to see it popup (note that it already has a button circle appear on hover, that in itself would have help you figure it out, but nobody probably even hovered over it to know that either)…


I even added some instructions above the list to help… :stuck_out_tongue:


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What if you colored the padlock icons? Red =locked/ green unocked. Given what the nature of what we are all doing here, that may be just enough of a clue? Again, just spitballing.

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Dark app theme doesn’t show red/green very well on the dark background… plus colour blind people tend to not see red/green on dark surfaces.

Tool tips are great but as you pointed out many users are not aware of tool tips. Not sure how tool tips work on iOS and Android.

Those instructions you are proposing above the list are also helpful and I do understand the busy looking issue, the not so pretty issue.

The best I’ve come up with in windows is hover tool tips and consistently populating them. Once a user realizes they can always find help in the place and exact moment they need it, they will use it. Hover on the mouse tip is good but having an area where slightly larger amounts of help text and pix can show is the ultimate.

With a container that can display multiple data formats included animated gifs, you allow users to figure things out at their own pace. Nobody wants to read the manual and for good reasons.

I’ve heard developers talk about color blind folks not being able to see color for 30 years. I also know some who are color blind. I get this is a real issue but when it comes to what Clay suggested more developers are willing to accept that a little bit of color makes things better for a large number of users.

When it comes to the UI involved with theme editing, it’s unlikely a color blind person is going to be editing theme to begin with, possible but not likely.

Notice in this windows program the colored locks, blue text, context help container including the ability to display a pic. Pic worth a 1000 words while video and gifs being worth fps x 1000 = complete help.

I realize and admire how you are creating an app that runs on multiple platforms. I’m not being critical just pointing out what works and offering up potential methods for you to consider.

Thanks guys - appreciate the feedback :grin:

In the meantime, typo… “unlock”

What’s the image post above on its own supposed to be?

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Oh, I posted without commentary my own mockup of how you could address the “unlock” situation that seemed to confuse some users. Rather than lock/unlock (on the left), I figured tick/untick (on the right), and a column explainer about how ticked means “Inherit from Global”.

Sorry, it was meant to be in direct response to Post #2 you made, above.

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