New features?

See what I’d like to be able to do. Look at that tile:


I put a lot of device attributes on the tile. When I click on that tile, it executes a command that I built in the hubitat device.

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Added this to the list of future enhancements

Please don’t forget to add a call to a generic command using a parameter.

Do you mean a user defined / supplied custom command?

A command defined in the hubitat driver, and also that requires to pass one or more parameters.

Tell me something if you can…

When you edit a tile, and click the ( i ) icon - in the pic below, white button lower right side.

You then get the Info Table on the device.

Does the commands you want to execute show up in the list there? (they might be grey/disabled, but do they show up in the list?)

Yes I see them but only 3 of them, not all. And yes they are disabled.

The first issue is that they are not being published by MakerAPI - can you ask the developer of the driver why that might be?

If MakerAPI doesn’t publish them as commands, then nothing external to Hubitat can make them execute.

I modified an existing driver so it runs here in Canada. I’m looking for example at the command Refresh which I’m using with your competitor app, so it should be published by MakerAPI.

MY BAD sorry !!! It is there, that’s a scrolling list and I did not see it. Refresh is the only one not greyed out. If I click on it then the refresh command runs. I would like even them with parameters.

Can be done then! It’s on the list for an upcoming release