New Themes! What do you want?

Looking at doing some updates to the existing themes, and also adding some new themes.

Please let me know…

  1. what you don’t like about any of themes (ie Space the tiles are too small, they should be larger than Sunshine Beach).

  2. what new themes you would prefer to see

Please be as specific as possible - ie any background you’d like or style of dashboard we should aim to emulate/learn from? Maybe post pics for example…??

I like all kinds of backgrounds.

I would like to be able to adjust fonts, color and size mostly.

lets see, a small laundry lists of things that have occurred to me;

  • More variety in backgrounds. Would love some really awesome dark sky photography, wildlife photography, landscapes (mountains), or just choose a image from my own files.
    * a very specific request… similar to the cloud theme you have now, maybe some kind of “night”
    theme with those puffy tiles would be great form my bedrooms.


  • Ability to adjust tile size, shape and gap. Hey , I love the space theme, but the tiles are way too small. I like squared off tiles, not so much rounded. and i would like to be able to adjust the gap between tiles.

*Customizable fonts

  • More icons, or abilty to import additional icons. Still need better labeling of the icons. The current lables, are still somewhat obscure. For example, when I think “presence”, I’m not thinking man leaving house or man arriving house (found those by accident, but they work)

  • Would like to be able to adjust the color for the “icon glow” option.
    *adjust tile color options (simialre to Cool, Safe, Alert, but using other colors

just a few thoughts so far.

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Most of what you’ve asked for is already working in the ThemeEditor - it is how I built the current themes, and I’ll be using it to create two new themes for you! Stay tuned :wink:

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I just tweaked the Space theme. Let me know what you think. You will need to “refresh” on the app (ie the reload icon on the bottom when in view mode) - this forces a reload of the dashboard and themes.

Just quickly added two new themes as well !!

Make sure you refresh to see them. Enjoy !

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When is the new update going to be rolling out on Android?? still rockin 1.1.5. Excited to see some o f these updates!

It has been submitted to the Play Store and is with Google to release.

Note that themes update outside of the app release schedule. So refresh the dashboard using the recycle icon / reload icon and new themes will be available.

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Would it be possible to have some ‘solid colour’ backgrounds available, without using the theme editor? Just a couple would be nice.

Perhaps go so far as to incorporate a “palette generator” like the one currently available on Android.

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