New user seeking advice/information

I am currently using HD+ as my Hubitat dashboard but I am investigating Hubivue as an alternative.

I make use of Hubitat hub variables in my automations, editing them from the dashboard. I would like to know if these are supported on Hubivue, I use Number, Decimal and Date/time variables.


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@LibraSun you’re our expert on hub variables… can you help here??

Hey Chris, and welcome to the hubiVue community! May I say you’ve got excellent taste in Dashboard Apps. HD+ is truly a masterpiece for Android users, and I’ll say the same is true of HV for all platforms. While it’s a fully functional app, @g.slender is busy adding new features every week, with a strong beta candidate just on the horizon.

The feature you want, “Enter Value”, offering free text or numeric input for a Device Tile (on HV) linked to a Hub Variable Connector (on HE), is still in beta but due out very soon. For now, the closest you can get to it is a combination of “Custom Command” and “SetVariable” for a Tile’s TAP (or DOUBLE-TAP, etc.) action. But you’d be defining a fixed value (e.g. “blue” or 46) for said action.

NOTE: As of yet, there is no provision for formulas or derived values in those fields, so you can’t for instance increment the underlying var by +5. But you could write a simple automation in Rule Machine or other app to do the dirty work for you, so that every TAP of the Tile executes said rule. But that’s advanced usage. You asked about basic editing…

Stick around for v1.6.x to roll out, and you will have the right tool at hand. If you need a handy work-around for something as straightforward as a number range from 0-100, you could in the interim create a Virtual Dimmer (on HE) linked to a Hub Variable (on HE) of type Number, and pair it (via Maker API on HE – don’t forget to ‘include’ all your usable devices in that app in order for HV to ‘see’ them) with a Device Tile (on HV). HubiVue has a dozen or more pre-made commands you can select for the TAP/etc. action(s), and one of them is Dimmer Slider.

That would let you manually adjust the value of the underlying VD/hub var for the time being.

Hope this all makes sense! - Libra

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Hi Libra

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question so fully.

I will keep my eye on version updates and try the new ‘Enter Value’ when available.

I also use date/time variables and would hope that they will also be supported.

Thanks once again.

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It’s worth mentioning – although this kind of frank talk always gets me in hot water over on the HE Forum – that IMHO the traditional built-in Hubitat Dashboards app does a pretty lousy job of editing variables in place. It’s ugly and non-intuitive – particularly for Boolean vars – which are about the most generous things I can say about its interface. Thus literally anything is a step up. Users ought to expect intuitive controls, no?

Keep an eye on this space, and report back your impressions once the new feature goes live. Also, don’t be shy about showing off your dash creations over in the “Showcase” category!

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