[NONBUG] Matching #ARGB colors difficult without direct entry

Perhaps I’m “doing it wrong”, but I find it exceedingly challenging – even impossible? – to enter certain color values precisely, such as when attempting to match colors in a DuoTone icon:

Without the ability to directly type in, say, #FFC62828 for the Secondary Color, I instead spent 2-3 minutes laboriously dragging the color picker around with my mouse while tweaking the Brightness Slider in vain hopes of landing on exactly the same value. Instead, I could only achieve an approximation.

I’ll take a look. Is it just the duo tone color entry?

So far, yep. Danke schoen!

I’m a little confused. Because you can directly type in the hex values. What’s going wrong?

Holy heck, so you can! Who knew? Given no (or very little) visual indication those are editable text fields – unlike others that stand out more prominently, somehow, like Tile Color 1 and 2 – I haven’t even attempted to edit them. I just blindly kept clicking into the color picker palette.

Joke’s on me! THANKS for clarifying, and please forgive the confusion.