Odd orange bar at bottom of mail dashboard

This afternoon i’m getting this odd orange / gold bar across the bottom of my main dashboard. It is not something I’ve done and i don’t see it in my subordinate dashboards.

Can you get a better pic of it? When you change theme does it follow or only with a custom theme you’ve created?

That is one of your stock themes. It is not there with one of my custom themes.

Thats about as good as I can get with a screen shot.

Very odd!? I can’t even really see it, so not sure what that is - does it appear when using another platform (as I assume this is on your Android device)

Yes, also there on windows. Appears to be related to “sunshine beach” theme. Switched to “space” and my test theme not there with either of them. Both Android and Windows.

I think I just figured it out. Looking at it closer in windows bigger screen easier to see detail), and I think it must be maybe part of a fence or rail in the picture? Guess I just never noticed it before.

Whew :sweat_smile:

Glad we sorted this one out :+1:

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