Ordering conditional overrides

I am using temperature sensor for freezer. I want to set Tile color changing overrides as the temperature drops or raises (the freezer has an issue, which I am working with the warranty company with, hence the large temperature ranges).


Greater than 25F : Tile Red
6F to 25F : Tile Amber
Less than 6F : Tile Green (default state)

The temperatures recorded are to 3 decimal points.

I have one more test that I would like to incorporate, if the device status is “not present” then Tile is purple


how do I define a range of numbers to test temperatures between 6F and 25F?

How do I set the tile to purple (if zigbee connect fails) regardless of the temperature. Is there a order of the conditional overrides needed, OR do I need a completely separate tile just as a presence test?


You should be able to open a web browser on your computer (macOS or Windows) and visit the demo page to see a sample setup of hubiVue working that shows a similar setup.

Go to hubiVue (on a web browser on a desktop)

And look at the edit configuration of the Solar tile - which changes color based on the power value being reported by the device.

The only problem I suspect you will run into is when two overrides are true… as they will both apply. So probably the last item will take effect (ie the order), which is maybe your question?? Is that the core problem you have, or are you still trying to figure out how to even do the temp and colors ??

So yes, order is important and whilst I haven’t checked which, nor is it currently adjustable, the order will help you achieve what you are trying to do… something like…

Default Style: green

  • temp > 6 style: Amber
  • temp > 25 style: Red
  • presence = not available: purple

Off the top of my head, I believe the app will display and process the list from top to bottom. Any true test will be applied, and the last truth test will be set for display.

I could add strict ordering (and re-ordering) and additionally an option to apply All-Matching, or First-Matching. Doing this would be a requested Roadmap item and need votes.

@LibraSun I think you’ve asked for this before yeah?

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OK, thanks. That gives a better understanding

I haven’t asked before. I am quite a new user.

I was referring to another regular community member who has asked… in fact I found the Roadmap request… so its already on the list for something that will be added in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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