Overly large Tile Padding values cause (major) layout issues

Going to suggest capping Tile Padding (spacing) to some yet-to-be-determined maximum numeric value, because:

  • Values over 110 cause Tiles in Preview pane to disappear;
  • Values over 100 cause wide (e.g. 4x2) Tiles to disappear;
  • Values over 98 cause square (e.g. 2x2) Tiles’ labels to disappear;
  • Values over ~80 cause Tile label text to be microscopic;
  • Values over 50 cause small (e.g. 1x1) Tiles to scale down in size.

Interestingly, a Padding of 60 will render 1x1 tiles as 1/4 x 1/4 in size, but you will still see the Middle Label’s first character, overlaid by the Top Label at a very tiny font size, as illustrated here (white arrow):


Not sure that this is a bug… no differently to if you set the font size to 500, which would also produce crazy/unviewable results. I’m reluctant to stop/limit values where it doesn’t actually cause a problem (crash or failure) and the solution is to be reasonable with your assigned values. I’d expect any artificial limit to one day be a limit that someone wishes doesn’t exist - with a large enough display window etc. Have you actually tried this on a very big dashboard screen size?

I’m more inclined to call this Not a Bug and just leave it. Why do you strongly feel it needs attention?

If I had mistakenly marked that as a bug please forgive me. It was clearly not a bug just an observation.

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